Living Kuruma-ebi Prawns, Raw Shrimps, Frozen Shimps, Prawns & Lobsters

We are located in the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market of Tsukiji (Tsukiji Inner Market). Now moving to Toyosu Market.


Tsukurin co., ltd is Intermediate Wholesaler in Tsukiji Fish market specialized in shrimps.

We will provide you variety of prawns, shrimps and lobsters whatever it is live, raw or frozen.

Kuruma-ebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn), Shiba-ebi (Shiba Shrimp), Ama-ebi (Northern Shimp), Botan-ebi (Spot Prawn)

In addition, we also handle some other frozen marine products such as squids, cattle fish, scallops, crabs and others. 

Live Kuruma-ebi will arrive everyday!

Live Kuruma-ebi are arriving through the year.


The price of Kuruma-ebi will be determined by "Seri" auction held everyday.


We will report you the prospects of the market price, based on the status of fishery, if you call to our office in the day before. 


Since 1902 in Meiji era.


Tsukurin deals shrimps for more than 110 years.

We started in former Nihonbashi-Uogashi market, which was now transfered as Tsukiji Market.

At first, our predecessor was private concern.

We registered as a stock company in 1956.

Customized for the professionals.

Our customers are mainly specialty restaurants.


Please feel free to ask to do new business with us.

What's "Intermediate Wholesaler"?

In Market, There are business called "Oroshi"(Wholesaler, whole seller) and "Naka-oroshi" (Intermediate wholesaler, intermediate whole seller).


In Tsukiji Fish Market, only 5 "Oroshi" companies receives whole fish and marines. Then holds the auction. We, Naka-oroshi bid on the auction and deliver them to the restaurants or fish stores in towns.

"Shrimp Only Store"?

In Tsukiji Market (Inner Market), each "Naka-oroshi" (Intermediate wholesaler) has their expertise.


Some are specialized in Tunas, while other in shellfishes, and we are Shrimps & Prawns shop.


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1. Tsukiji Market|Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market

Shrimps & Prawn specialized wholesaler - Tsukurin co., ltd.


ニ15 ~ 18, Suisan-to (Marin Product Area), Metropolitan Wholesale Market

5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo, Japan

TEL +81-3-3541-2328(Head Office) FAX +81-3-3546-3816

Tsukurin co., ltd. is a certified company of OMOTENASHI by METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

(For more information about omotenashi standard certification , see METI web site.)